A revolutionary hatching solution for stronger, healthier poults

Next Nest seeks to create the technical evolution of nature's perfect solution to hatching: the safe, warm nest.

Our Impact


We’re revolutionizing the turkey industry. Here’s how:

Improve Animal Welfare

We are committed to doing our part to produce exceptional poults that meet a high standard:


  • 1. Freedom from hunger and thirst

  • 2. Freedom from discomfort

  • 3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease

  • 4. Freedom to express normal behavior

  • 5. Freedom from fear and distress

Enhance Poult Performance

Exceptional execution of an ideal hatch & service system delivers the best poult to the farm. With every detail optimized in these first few critical days, our poults are set up for success as they grow to market weight. This improvement saves feed cost, reduces flock mortality, and will allow the same facilities to run extra flocks, maximizing the volume of total pounds marketed.

Continous Search To Improve Poult Health

We take innovation seriously. We’re not just curious; we built our development process to create value from the questions that we ask. We deliver elegant solutions executed with consistency to capture value for our customers.

Eggs and their resulting hatchlings receive constant evolutionary care; including fresh air, food, water, and light until fully prepared for life outside this uniquely protective environment.

Work in Progress


We are currently building the very first Next Nest-equipped hatchery, Nest One, in Willmar, MN.
utilizing the HatchCare, Nova-Tech, and Viscon technologies.

See our progress below.

We have scoured the globe for the modern technology to replicate and improve on nature’s perfect solution to hatching baby birds and preparing them for the real world: the nest.

We have modified this equipment specifically for the turkey industry, and provide large-scale, commercial companies their first opportunity to hatch their turkey eggs while providing immediate access to feed, water, and light.

Our nest-equipped facilities dramatically improve the welfare of the birds we care for and provide the ideal transition between leaving their egg and arriving at the farm.

We have partnered with an incredible team from The Netherlands in adapting their patented HatchCare technologies, currently used for chicks around the globe, to work with turkey poults. After years of development and testing, we are proud to present a revolutionary hatching solution for the turkey industry. Next Nest Hatching holds exclusive rights to distribute HatchCare for Turkeys, a product of HatchTech Incubation Technology.

To learn more about HatchTech, click here.

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We’re excited to bring this technology to the turkey industry! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.